Daring Spanish Actress Lina Romay in Hairy Hardcore Scenes


Perhaps it’s the hot Latin in their blood, but it seems as though Spanish actors like Lina Romay in this vintage film like to show something that will get more than just a PG-rating. Nevertheless, it is still artfully done, with the classic patina of old movies that just get better (and hornier) with time. Lina Romay in particular has become known for taking on explicit roles even during a time of strict censorship. She and her co-actors in these scenes will give viewers a very hairy experience, thanks to their natural hirsuteness and hardcore skills. In just one clip, you will see various porn niches like blowjob, cum gargle, hairy, lesbian, foot fetish, and masturbation!

The video clip begins right away with Ms. Romay in a pink top, rolling around in bed with a very hairy man. She has his cock in her hand, licking its tip and shaft before putting it entirely into her hungry mouth. There are plenty of zoomed-in shots of her eating his cock, her tongue playfully teasing the tip while she holds the base in her hand. She sucks it with so much gusto that her partner is practically agog at her oral skills, his own mouth open in pleasure. Lina Romay remains fully dressed, but her hairy partner has already cum inside her mouth, and she gargles it thirstily before spitting his cum back on his cock.

The scene then segues to a well-appointed bedroom where a naked dark-haired lady is asleep. Lina Romay in a pink outfit walks up to her and starts to French kiss her. The two ladies make out passionately while Lina caresses the other lady’s hairy pussy. After sucking on her nipple, she goes down on her to eat out her furry mound. In the next scene, a sexy blonde co-star is indulging her foot fetish with a hairy bearded partner. She takes off his pants and starts to lick his toes, then moves up to his limp cock to get it erect. Then she fucks it cowgirl-style before falling asleep, as the camera zooms onto her hairy pussy from behind. Before the video ends, we can catch Lina Romay in bed, fully naked except for a robe and stockings, and talking to her dark-haired lady friend. She is masturbating furiously, her fingers sawing away at her pubic hair and begging her friend to help her get off.

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